Weekend Getaways From NYC, The Poconos Mountains

Weekend Getaways From NYC – Do you need a  quick escape from the busy life, the hustle & bustle of NYC New York or take rest from the dullness of winter season days? Get yourself driving  to the Poconos Mountains that you can reach for less than 2 hours away for many exciting adventure and breathtaking scenery.

The Poconos Mountains Visitor’s Guide

This one of the Weekend Getaways From NYC is just off the state of Pennsylvania and about one hour and thirty minutes away from the city of New York NYC, encapsulated there are about 2,500  miles size of a great marriage between very rich history, origin and of course spectacular scenery surroundings. That’s why WW II soldiers or troops  wanted to rest there in the Poconos before they leaving for war.

The Pocono Mountains aren’t just a holiday Weekend Getaways From NYC — for a lot of people  it is in reality  a place that they can call home ever since more and more  people buying property there in the Poconos so they could enjoy everything the Poconos provides, all sasons. The history of the Poconos holiday destination began or start with a boarding house lodge or hotel that was built in the year of 1829 in the are of Delaware Water Gap region.

In 1857 that hotel has totally changed into a strong resort bussines. From that moment, travelers coming from nearby Philadelphia and New York State  chose the resort as an get away from the humid  weather on summer season in 1900. After that In 1927, Poconos Mountains was advertised as “Pennsylvania’s Playground”.

Now every year, a large amount of people and families travel there for vacation. More than 200,000 of vacationers there for their honeymoon,  a place that’s once known as world’s Honeymoon Capital. Travelers may either live in a time-share residence, that consists of hill, mountain or even lakefront properties or perhaps  hotels, romantic Poconos cabins or elegant Poconos resorts. A number of resorts or hotels in the Poconos cost up to $300  per night.

After you  got a hotel or  resort to stay for Weekend Getaways From NYC, enjoy a number of activities or actions, including biking , rafting, skiing , golfing, sailing and many many more. Or for people who have a preference for relax in the Poconos, you can easily find a place to stay with  backyard barbeque grill where you can enjoy some quality moment with your family, could be also therapeutic.

Poconos Cabins website  gives you detailed info about the excitement ot Poconos mountains such as : all inclusice Poconos resorts, hotels, villas,  real estate, and romantic Poconos Cabins for honeymoons. There are many Poconos Resorts that offer romantic cabins for honeymoon. “Poconos Cabins

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