The Poconos Mountains Pennsylvania – Amazing Destination

The Poconos Mountains has become  the most popular tourist destination in Pennsylvania. The Poconos Mountains region is located in the northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. The Poconos  is a very famous getaway destination for regional  and local visitors.

The poconos very well-known for its amazing color throughout the fall season. The valleys and wooded hills have become a very  popular getaway destination for a very long time, with lots of communities owning sports facilities, hotels, Poconos cabins and  villa resorts. The most famous resort in the mountains is Caesars Poconos. The region has over 75% of the Pennsylvania state’s resorts. All resorts earn about 1.5 billion us dollars in gross income and employ about 18,000 employees.

The Poconos  tourist destination that is located at northeastern part of  Pennsylvania state is divided in to 5 regions:

  • Mountain Region
  • Lehigh River Gorge Region
  • Upper Delaware River Region
  • Delaware River Region
  • Lake Region

The excitement of the Poconos as a summer season retreat started at the early 20th century. It’s when Philly / Philadelphia Quakers built the Buck Hill Falls resorts & Pocono Manor, after that later around 1920s, Skytop.

Adventure and also entertainment activities is everywhere and all the Poconos mountains weekend getaways won’t lack for something fascinating to do. There’s a casino hotel and resort with manything to play such as electronic table games,  progressive slots and penny slots. Live plays,the Broadway like musicals and also theatre performances that go on throughout the year. “Poconos Cabins

Night clubs, outdoor bars, sports bars go on until dawn. Add more enjoyment to your visit by planning the vacation during 1 of the 2 NASCAR famous races only at the Poconos Raceway. The fun and enjoyment  in The Poconos will never end.

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